Packing a Sea-Bag?

What are some of the things you guys CANNOT live without?

Lets hear some funny things you guys bring!

Noise cancelling headphones both for the flight home and for removing generator / engine noise.


A Wi-Fi hotspot. Our ships don’t have Wi-Fi. We sail coastal and at main deck level you can get cellular coverage but not in the accommodation, but a Wi-Fi hotspot places at the top of the accommodation steps broadcasts Wi-Fi down to the cabins.

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On my first deployment, I was limited to 2 seabags. Being smart, I used vacuum compression bags for my clothing. You can really fit a lot into a seabag if you use those! However, I forgot that volume and weight and two separate measures…


I once saw a deckhand travel with a huge foot massage machine.


Hahaha!!! What the hell?! I bet that’s hard to travel with! Haha

Oh damn! Smart! But funny that it goes by weight. But either way, you got 2 bags! Haha

DUDE! I’ve got to get a WiFi hotspot! Totally good thinking!

A good set of noise cancelling head phones. I like the Sony ones I got a year or so ago.

My 6yo daughter is really into Legos. She usually makes a Lego of “her” that I’ll take to work with me. I take pictures of her working and send them to her when I come into port. Like this:

We also have Keurigs on board and my local roaster sells K-cups. I’ll grab a couple boxes of my favorites and bring them with me.

It’s more of a work tool, but I have a small set of brass calipers that were given to me when I was sailing as a cadet. Those go with me back and forth to the ship.


Ha! That’s so rad! Cool way to stay connected with the family! Love this!

I could have used a crane to swing them aboard!

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An espresso machine. A few times one of the $40 walmart ones, but if the situation allows a better machine. Many times I have had a spare machine on stby just in case I loose one during a crossing.

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I think he was saying that they were hard to carry.

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Yes, they were almost too heavy to pick up and that was when I was young and strong. Nowadays I’d need a pack mule…


The Navy was having an economy kick in 1970 and issued us seabags with aluminum padlock loops. Was tough getting the padlock out after carrying the thing around for a while.


Hahaha!! Epic!

a real coffee maker and Cafe Bustelo

Leatherman knife/pliers, flashlight, a pillow from my wife’s side of the bed


Bustelo for the win!!

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