What to pack?

I just got to call to ship out to Norfolk to MSC, first time shipping out for a long period. What should I bring?
I figured 5 months of toiletries,laptop,books,knife,flashlight,cellphone charger, what else can you guys with experience think of?

Congrats, what ship you heading too? You have the right idea with packing. MSC ships stay in port a few days so you will always have a chance to go the the grocery store / exchange. You can even pick up most everything you need in Djibouti at the US base, so I would not worry about taking five moths worth of things.

Good luck, MSC is a great place to work with incredible benifits and good pay. Enjoy!

Hey Jeff, I got a couple questions for you. When did you apply for the SU job, and how has the process been so far?

Second time applying, took about 4 months from the time I sent in my resume to the time I am going down there, heard it take longer sometimes

Really? wow. So when did you finally make it there? You know what your first assingment is gonna be?

Yeah going down to NEO on the 11th

Jeff, try this post: SEAbag

Hey There – Congrats !! I think I am in the same NEO with you … if you hear of any must haves for packing – plz let me know. I am in the same boat as you ( lol ) not sure what to pack.