What is wrong with the Russian military? - Ukraine

Some disagree:

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Some cracks appearing on the popular culture side.

On the economic side - WSJ article - doesn’t seem to be behind a paywall, at least not for me, I don’t subscribe.

Russia isn’t yet sure to lose this economic fight. But a growing consensus among officials, energy specialists and economists suggests that, although Russian actions will cause serious hardship in many places, Mr. Putin will likely fail and that Europe should ride out the winter without running out of gas. Once this winter is over, Mr. Putin’s sway over Europe’s energy supplies will have withered critically, they say.

Retention of the European gas market is not Putin’s goal, it is the hardship. There is no way to replace Russian supply, not now and not in the spring. Europes energy crisis is a global risk-on phenomenon with the potential to create a crisis in par with 2008 or worse. I believe this is Putin’s goal.

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When it’s block quoted like that it looks like my opinion but it’s not, it’s the WSJ. I don’t have an opinion about the Europe gas situation and even if I did there’s no reason for anyone to care about my views.

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It is a German homemade problem!
For many decenies (it goes back to Ronald Reagan’s predictions that Germany will run into a gas crisis with their pipelines from Russia) they were deaf, even against all European countries’ declared intentions.
The Russian gas was much cheaper than any other one…
Until now, they do not have any regasification plants to accept LNG by ships from elsewhere.

Now, the Germans are howling like tortured dogs, and hope, the other Europeans would help them. Indeed, the other Europeans will offer nothing beyond ‘warm words’.

The German industry and the households are very dependant on gas, even the production of electricity.
The curious idea to shut down willingly all nuclear power stations and all coal fired power stations together was just a political nonsense.


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The clueless German delegation smirked and rolled their eyes as Trump predicted the same about the Nordstream 2 pipeline a few years ago.


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(95) Word for Word: President Trump Strongly Criticized Germany at Start of NATO Summit (C-SPAN) - YouTube :beers:

The administrations of both P44 and P43 were against Nord Stream and its predecessor. Nothing new.

Being dependent on an energy source from a possible adversary is always a risky gamble. The Germans are learning their lessons, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia came out the loser because of it. Fool me once…

You really need to stop watching Russia Today.

If I ever run into a bunch of German energy decision makers, I’m challenging them to a round of 3 card monte.


You got any experience with that?

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I never understood why they elected a russian, Merkel to ensure they built the pipelines and shut the nuclear plants.

Angela Merkel a Russian?:

PS> She does speak Russian, but that doesn’t make her one.
Do you regard everybody that know how to speak English English??

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simple as that.


Sources, if picked judiciously can sometimes give clues before being picked up by traditional media.

For example on Twitter, the source in the OP, @Chris_wiki posted back in May about the condition of tires on some equipment used by the army which raised the possibility that corruption might significantly reduce the effectiveness of the Russian military.

The original thread was back on March 2nd:

This thread has 70k likes which caused it to raise to the surface.


Not just wheeled vehicles:

Threw a track, immobilized.


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I just ask Germans what they think