Is US military aid to Ukraine going on US flagged ships?

With Congress finally renewing funding for military aid to Ukraine, I am hoping all of that is being transported on US flagged vessels?

Is there anybody here able to confirm this?

Given the need for speed in getting the aid to Ukraine, I doubt that they are restricting it to US Flag ships. Nor should they in this circumstance.

The fools and traitors in the Freedom Caucus have really screwed Ukraine, US Taxpayers, and US strategic interests by delaying aid to Ukraine and handing Putin the advantage.


Maybe some will go by Ukrainian transport planes?:

Unfortunately the largest one has been destroyed:

I can confirm at least two voyages on US flagged and union crew to Germany for the effort to help Ukraine. Last two trips my son made before going shoreside.Over a year ago. Sadly, I don’t think majority of supplies were on USA ships… Break out an SL7 or two will put some USA mariners to work and keep some of the money spent/taxes in USA…

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Spot on Tugsailor.

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Fcuk putting America and Americans first amirite?

Let’s keep printing money while making the dollar worth less and then spending it on a European war, that Europe itself should be pulling the weight on.


But don’t have any info to back that up, right? Just a hunch?

Defending Ukraine and containing the Russians is putting America first.

America has spent many $$$$ Hundreds of Trillions (adjusted for inflation) since 1945 to contain Russia. That job is not done. It may never been done.

Putin is a Stalin wannabe that is a serious threat to America and the World. He must be stopped.

We wasted $10 Trillion in Iraq!

What did our proxy war with the Russians in Vietnam cost (in 2024 dollars and American blood)?

Ukraine is doing all the work and dying without any American troops. The few billion cost of American aid for Ukraine is just a drop in the bucket. It is necessary for American security and money well spent.

It may become necessary for American to do for Ukraine, what we just did for Israel. Shoot down incoming drones and missiles at incredible expense. It may become necessary to put American troops in Ukraine. The best way to avoid that is to give Ukraine plenty of our best weapons and let them defeat the Russians themselves.


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And to be cold-blooded about things:
We are seeing in the Ukraine War what exactly works and doesn’t work with our weapons system, in a modern mechanized war. Also, ground-truth about the capabilities of a military adversary. Priceless data. Couldn’t buy that data for billions.

RE: US economy/inflation
See the map below, showing inflation around the world. Note that inflation is a worldwide phenomenon. A hangover from C19. The rate of inflation in places like Russia, Turkey, and Mexico is 10-25% or more. We don’t run those countries fiscal policies.

But in the USA inflation is now 3% or less. Among the lowest in the world.

So, if the present administration is responsible for inflation (which I don’t think it is) than you have to ask yourself: How did they manage to keep it so damn low compared to the rest of the world?



They’re panicking because they got caught with their pants down after being delinquent in their financial dues to the UN and laissez faire attitude toward Putin. Germany’s naiveté with regard to the Nordstream pipeline is proof enough.


I think anyone that justifies sending another countries teenagers to be slaughtered in trenches with this logic should be forced to go sniff the sour smell of their rotting corpses.

That’s a smell that sticks with you, and I doubt they could say ‘We’re getting such a bargain!’ without recalling it.

Peace through scent.


Hey, I am not going to argue with anyone who is anti-war. It does you credit.

What if we went back to a non-intervention policy instead? How many more Americans have to get killed in these useless and wasteful wars?

While I share your sentiment in theory, and it’s a worthy goal, it cannot work in practice at this time.

We cannot sit back and watch while Russia and China takeover the World through force or predatory trade and lending.

We cannot sit back and watch while North Korea and Iran develop credible nuclear threats to America.

Sitting back and watching didn’t work so well with Hitler and Stalin. It’s not going to work with Putin, Xi, Kim, or the Iranian mullahs either.

If we do nothing, we’ll discover that China will dominate Asia, Africa, and Latin America, while Russia dominates Europe, parts of Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.

Worry about Chinese influence in Mexico, and all those Chinese products being polished and having Made in Mexico tags installed before they are imported into the US duty free. Worry about the Chinese/Mexican Cartel scheme to flood the US with fentanyl.

The Europeans need to get busy and start printing money to rearm and defend themselves.

We made a huge mistake in not taking out North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs while we still could.

Unfortunately, we are repeating that mistake again now in Iran.

We don’t have the ability to prevent China from retaking Taiwan (at an acceptable cost to the US) China will do it. We need to accept that.


As far as I know most of the stuff in transported by USAF and Ukraine’s planes to airfields in Poland and Romania. Railroaded from there.


Do you?

The aid for Ukraine is amazing for the American economy so giving them aid really is putting America and Americans first.

Has anyone ever done that though?

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Excellent justification to participate in war.

No, but it’s an excellent rebuttal to the bad argument I was replying to.