Is US military aid to Ukraine going on US flagged ships?

If no one made money from wars we wouldn’t keep having them.


It is a proven concept but only of benefit to the profiteers.

Like this?:

Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell holds up a vial that he said could contain anthrax during his speech on Iraq to the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 5, 2003.
(Associated Press)

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Yes. In his defence, he admitted being duped by the “intelligence” community.

Speaking to television journalist Barbara Walters after stepping down, he said he was “devastated” when he learned that some within the intelligence community had harbored earlier doubts about the sources cited in his presentation.

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Agree, Powell was not to blame for the Iraq war, but an excellent example of how wars are “justified”.
In this case the UN General Assembly did NOT fall for the “proof” and never sanctioned the war as “justified”. Neither did most NATO members.

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I didn’t make any assumptions…?

This is an excellent antidote to the theory some people have that US aid to Ukraine is part of a CIA conspiracy. Ombugge pointed out elsewhere that European aid to Ukraine exceeds that of the USA. The EU and most of the rest of Europe are pro-Ukraine. So if they didn’t support a war in Iraq because they knew the pretext was based on dodgy CIA intelligence, why would they support the defense of Ukraine if the war was a CIA plot?

Answer: they wouldn’t.

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Or looking at it in a different way:
Total aid to Ukraine in $$:

In % of GDP:

NOTE: Only three of the top ten countries do not have a direct border with Russia.

Want more details?:

PS> This is Government aid only. In addition there are people-to-people aid supplied by informal channel and NGOs etc.

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While we are at the effect of Ukraine war, what about Ukrainian refugees relative to population of guest the countries?:

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I counted four - Denmark, Netherlands, Slovakia and Germany. But why does it matter?

russia and US also have a common border

Sorry, miscounted. I only counted Denmark, Netherlands and Slovakia, but missed that Germany was the 10th country on the list.

Sorry again, I should have said “land border”.

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I sure wish thus thread could have stayed on topic and my question been answered

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I think it’s dangerous for vessels with military aid to go into Ukrainian ports. I can imagine they use ground transportation, it’s my guess

Your expectations may be too high.


Would the Russians sink a US flagged and crewed ship carrying military aid ?

What would be the consequences ?

None of the US military aid is going into the Ukraine directly but through other NATO nations such as Germany or Poland

Retaliation. Of an unknown level. And since Putin wants the USA completely non-involved such an attack would be counterproductive.

What have the consequences been for the US providing targeting data to the Ukrainians to sink Russian ships?

Increased Russian resolve and funding of third party groups that will attack US vessels in time.

Yes, that is correct Old School.

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