What companies are hiring mates right now?

I recently graduated from a Maritime Academy and should be issued my license within a month (delays due to COVID-19). I will have a 3rd mate unlimited tonnage license, tankerman PIC, and NC/Oceans TOAR. I was wondering if anyone knew what companies are hiring mates during this COVID-19 pandemic?

While the PIC/ TOAR will help, you’re joining at a really bad time for not just the maritime industry, but the economy as a whole. If I were you I’d sign up for MMP and AMO. That’s right I said both. Call AMO weekly and go to the nearest MMP hall as often as possible. Take the first job you can get and cancel membership with the other union. Best of luck.



Hate to say it, but new hires are far and few right now. Many more experienced sailors are just trying to keep their jobs right now. Not because they are doing a bad job, a tsunami has hit the industry.

actually i received an offer from a major operator within the last week.
but didnt accept it due to already being employed.

Knowing the market, you were wise to decline. My question is, how did they know you were open to an offer?

He didn’t accept… so how open could he be? Or to put it another way, we are all open to an offer as long as we maintain the option to say no.


I had contacted the operator many months ago when i was unemployed or sailing unlicensed. . .they figured i was still looking as it was one of the operators that 99% of people would accept if offered

No problemo sirs. And a great option to have. Many don’t

I think it’s permitted to register with AMO and MMP at the same time as an applicant and not a book member. Doubles the chance for a job in the lean times. Play both until it’s time to commit. Not that I’d mention that to them.


if you had a secret clearance I’d say you could find a gig pretty easily. Join both unions and send in resumes to all the Opco’s. Patriot, OSI, Crowley Government, USMMI etc. If they need a mate they’ll get you a clearance/training and usually faster than going through the union. Good luck.

There is no shame is sailing AB or as a barge tanker-man. There’s a lot of barge tanker-man jobs available right now because of the recent spike in floating storage. Take any job you can find and wait for the market to improve.


Definetly agree. Nothing wrong with earning your spot in the wheelhouse. Any decent company will move you up if you’re worth your salt.

Hey I was just wondering if you could explain what OPCO, Patriot, USMMI, Crowley Government, and USI are. I’ve heard of some people who sailed with patriot but I’m unfamiliar with the terms.

I have no idea what’s going on, but Hornbeck just posted for mates on Indeed.com

They’ve had those jobs listed for years on there. Last company anyone would want to work for right now anyways.

Hornbeck filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago, I believe.

They put up fresh posts actually. I checked them out. Hornbeck does that just to collect resumes though. I applied to them last year.

Thanks for all the input everybody, just trying to get a feel for any hiring movement in the industry. I was told by some professors that graduated during the 80s downturn to go knock on doors and find jobs and the gcaptain employment post reiterated that point…… unfortunately, with COVID-19 that is all but impossible. Unprecedented times we live in, but I do believe there will be a rebound.

That is the same for companies like Polar Tankers and OSG. They have applications posted but no openings. They are simply collecting resumes. Additionally, I have called other companies that have Ads for positions that they informed me are open but simply have at the moment stopped all hiring due to COVID-19.