Whaling is back off Western Norway

After 4 years one vessel is back catching minke whales off the west coast of Norway:

(The article translate pretty well by Google Translate)

The purpose is for meat consumption on the Norwegian market.
It is sustainable as the North Atlantic minke whale is NOT in danger of extinction:

The allowable catch quota is 1278 minke whales/yr. but has not been anywhere near filled lately. Last year the total catch was 503 whales.

PS> No other whale species are hunted in Norwegian waters.


I am surprised whaling is not totally banned yet, probably will be soonm

Mike whales are not threatened with extinction and not on the list of protected species.

Don’t know if you are a hunter, a meat eater or a vegan, but why do you think that all whales need protection??

What about deer, or even cows and pigs? I presume you know that the cuts of meat in the butcher shop, or supermarket, came from a live animal that was slaughtered for your sustenance?

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Protection of the Charismatic megafauna!

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Neither are Norwegians :thinking:

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Nobody is hunting Norwegians!!!
We are too friendly and harmless to threaten anybody.

Beside, our meat is too sweet according to the cannibals on New Guinea.
“Hemi Jap pella hemi good pella kaikai” I have been told by one of them.