Welland Canal mishap

I didn’t see anything here on this - if I goofed (again) please remove it.

Looks like a headon collision in the Welland Canal last weekend?

I saw a link this morning but didn’t notice there was a video.

Also I saw the Welland Canal but didn’t see Great Lakes and didn’t realize where the Welland Canal was.

Looks like “bow cushion & bank suction” hard at work. . . Good thing no injuries, except pride.

Saw one linked vid on twtr:-

and down that thread, this alternate view on twtd fb link:-

… and if you’re quick, the last 24hrs of tracks on Marine Traffic should still be there (~2000utc = 1600edt)

These ships look like “salties”, if so, they must have Canadian pilots onboard.

FOund this comment on YouTube:

The black ship suffered a steering failure and was going to charge into the lock system and cause huge amounts of damage. They instructed the red ship to hit and push the black ship into the shore line to make it stop safely. The damage to the ships would be much cheaper and easier to fix then the entire lock system being damaged and out of order for many boats since it a huge shipping channel

No clue of its veracity

“I’ve got the bogey! I’ve got him dead ahead! I’m taking him down the left side.” Wait!! What?

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Latest news on the incident; too early to determine cause: