Accidents caught on video

Another accident at a container terminal:

Did someone pull a Bright Field? There’s black smoke about 10 sec post impact, but none before.

(I dug up a muted clip from the documentary, because there’s just too much cringe, not to mention outright false information)

With smart phones in everybody’s pockets these days, more and more marine accidents gets recorded and shared. Here is one that happened in Buenos Aires recently.

Two lifeboats out of order on MSC Orchestra.
Seaside angular protection of the dock sunk.
Extendable mooring bridge on MSC Poesia destroyed.
No injuries.
Both ships continued her cruises as planned.

Bow damage of the moored MSC Poesia:

The bended lifeboat davits on the attacker MSC Orchestra:

Yesterday was party time in the Tyrrhenian sea, with winds up to force 10 sweeping down from the North to make life interesting, even here in the well protected port of Palermo. According to local scuttlebutt, a small ferry broke free of its moorings in Ischia:

However, La Repubblica reports that it was attempting to dock when it all became a bit much:

It’s nice with a bit of perspective to go with the clip of the Greek ferry docking I so fawningly posted in the ship handling skill thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Notice the wheelman stand up after the pillow(pilot) house was removed.


Freudian slip?

I saw your comment and started to wonder, have i found more mates sleeping on the job or engineers? Usually the engineers rig some kind of alarm or light to the door so they have time to hide their phones and stand up.

I can’t find him standing up in the clip, but in other coverage it was mentioned that he saved himself by lying down.

Russian general cargo boat Seagrand shoots for a tight gap:

According to South Korean police, there’s suspicion that alcohol might have been involved (Norwegian source):

Edit: Apparently, this happened less than an hour after he hit a cruise ship. His BAC was 0.08%, which strikes me as dangerously low.

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Here’s one of the reasons why I like having rapid steering gear and a big rudder:

A skyhook might have come in handy too.

I’m afraid I don’t get the jargon. The sort of skyhook common in my circles wouldn’t have been much use at all.

Sorry, feeble attempt at a joke. I was using it in this sense:




1. a fanciful hook imagined to be suspended in the air.

Sorry, Scandinavians don’t respond to subtleties :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like the crew went aft and got up onto the transom when the boat was trying to back off, maybe not their first rodeo.

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I thought you meant one of these:


That too. But my imagination was formed in a simpler time, I guess.

“No problem, we know what to do when he does this!” :rofl: