MSC Michigan VII Arrest

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Any chance of making pdf from this article as it looks the whole content is behind a pay wall. Thx in advance.

Judge says runaway container ship can leave Charleston port _ Business _ (333.6 KB)


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The judge who signed an order June 10 temporarily forbidding the MSC Michigan VII from departing the Holy City said in a new court filing this week that the vessel has been released from that restriction.

This is from the Post and Courier, the ship was arrested because of the damage. If the ship is still alongside likely it’s another legal issue, CG investigation perhaps.



According to Maritime Executive article ( MSC Containership Arrested for Damages from “Runaway Exit” from Charleston) posted in other thread

The U.S. Coast Guard told The Post and Courier newspaper that it is now classifying the incident as “a major marine casualty,” due to an estimate of more than $500,000 in damages. This also means that the National Transportation Safety Board will become involved and is likely to jointly investigate the ship’s high-speed departure from Charleston on June 5. END QUOTE

Upgrading of the accident to “major marine casualty” has consequences and triggers the procedure forcing/obligating litorral state to conduct official investigation . In this case aprat from USCG finding the NTSB will have to act as required.

As it turns out : " The suit names MSC Shipmanagement headquartered in Cyprus as well as the registered owner of the vessel, Kyveli Oceanway also of Cyprus. " . So MSC proper based in Geneva was solely responsible for commercial/cargo issues similar to time charter operators. Who was the ISM manager is given in Gisis and Equasis files. Looks like a bit complicated relationships.

according to the pilot the vessel experienced a failure of her propulsion control systems and [accelerated to a very fast speed well above the limits for the channel. END QUOTE.

Until now I could not locate any info regarding the " channel speed" limits" in NP’s (UK) , USA, In guides to port entry. NADA.

Have observed several similar size/draft ships coming and leaving " (Henrika Shoulte, Dubai Express) and two Car Carriers ( one was US flag) . None of them excedeed 9 kts and while passing other berths locations slowed down to 6-7 kts.

I may be wrong of course but the vessel was obviously not seaworthy at the begining of her voyage and the Pilot was a magician.