MSC Opera coming alongside nice and easy

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Sounds like the cruise industry has been under scrutiny in Venice:

Wonder why ? :thinking:

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Can’t blame them I guess. Wonder how much tourism would suffer though.

“The engine was locked”

What could that mean? Locked out by the computer?

Here’s a different angle. There’s an over head shot on reddit for a passenger.

Footage from the bridge

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If I am not mistaken those ships utilize those propulsion pods.

Is this becoming a habit? This one was a year ago. Both MSC Opera and MSC Armonia are Lirica class

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I wonder if the Venice port authorities arrested the Master of MSC Opera… Because in Italy any Master of a ship is responsible for everything … and if an Italian Master is involved in a mysterious incident the only solution, to improve safety at sea, is to put him in jail.
Of course the ship had an Italian pilot aboard but Italian pilots are not responsible for anything. I wonder how long this Italian comedy will last?

I would say; The Pods controls frozed!

Mechanic is mechanic … I have had on approach or berthing; blackouts, engines that would not start or stop or would not reverse, CPP going from 0 to 10 without warning that snapped a 4” mooring line that almost killed a linesman, thrusters froze at full away from the berth, anchors that would not drop, windlass brake that would not hold, piston rings or heavy scale going through the funnel in flames and falling off on our heads, tugs parting her cable or cable brake failure, mooring lines dropped right on the propeller, gangway falling off while climbing, gangway handrail falling off on the sea side while climbing, while underway a rudder indicator going in the opposite side of the wheel that finally froze hard over to end aground and rudder turn on the wrong side hundreds of times … that I can remember ! :grinning:

Is your nickname Lucky?

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What actually happened and what I would’ve «try» to do while pushing down full the Emergency Stop Red Button ! The tugs were conventional twin screw 80 tons bollard pull … touchy and not too good for harbor ship handling as compare to Z-Drive Tugs !

Business As Usual ! :joy:

A genuine hero prevented a near-certain fatality. In the first, bow on, video, several people are seen fleeing the tour boat as the bow of the cruise ship looms ever closer. The pier end of the gangway drops to the water at 0:17 with at least one person, possibly two, hanging on it as the cruise ship bow pushes the tour boat away from the pier. Someone leans out and pulls the person or persons (video is not clear) hanging on the gangway safely into the tour boat just before the cruise ship hull crushes the gangway.

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More footage here. That bow wire took the top of River Countess’s pilothouse right off before it broke.

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As there have been no fatalities… One can safely ask…
Which is the more expensive production, My Song or the Opera?

I am guessing My Song?

Sounds like a long time Pilot. Seen everything also

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Here is an interesting bit of background:

Latest news,ongoing projects,happenings MCS

MCS commissionings of new generation Kongsberg/KaMeWa control systems

MSC Opera. Mermaid Azipod control system upgraded.Canman system replaces Newman system.Systems installed,commissioned and seatrial. April.2019

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Quite an «upgrade» !!! :thinking: