Wearing my uniform to academy interviews, good idea?


I get out of the Army next fall and will be applying to all of the Maritime Academies in the next couple months and in Sept. or Oct. I’m planning on going for a deck license if it makes a difference. I’ll be touring all the east coast schools and doing interviews. Should I wear my class A’s to the interviews? I would think I should but figured it was better safe than sorry and should ask.



It’s not necessary, but if you want you may wear it.


I’ll be interested in any Academy opinions on this one.
I say go for it. Anytime I dealt with the USCG REC before I retired I was in uniform, I found that it may not have opened many doors but it prevented some from closing.


I guess it would depend on your rank. I wouldn’t go to the CG wearing my uniform if I was an E3, but if I was an O3, you bet I would


I’m an E-4 promotable in an E-5 slot who has never been dropped in rank, given an article 15 etc. etc. so I don’t see why that would make a difference. If I was an O-3 I wouldn’t be going back to school for my bachelors, which is the reason I’m applying to the academies instead of doing PMI or something similar. My chest isn’t stacked to the shoulder, but there is nothing on there that I didn’t earn and I am proud to wear it. My academics my first go at college were good and then terrible but I’ve taken a few credit hours here and there when mission allowed that I did well on. My hope is that with that and the excellent refferences my current and previous CO’s have offered to write will make up for a couple of ill-spent semesters 4 years ago. If wearing it will be an advantage I’ll spend the twelve bucks and 20 minutes it takes to make it presentable. I should have phrased my question, “is there any good reason not to wear my uniform to the interview?”


Maybe, I think in the United States there is a bias against a person wearing a uniform which started in the Vietnam era. As an example check out the teevee, all the cool cops are undercover, uniformed police are frequently depicted as overweight, fumbling and incompetent.

Company policy requires I wear a uniform with shoulder boards in port. Overseas it is expected but reactions vary in the U.S. One pilot upon arriving in the wheelhouse gave me a mock salute, I felt like putting him in a headlock and banging his head on the chart table but instead offered him a cup of coffee.


Making an assumption here, but wouldn’t the interviewer be in uniform him/herself? I really don’t anticipate any anti-uniform bias on campus. They should certainly be used to folks walking around in uniform with so many students in the regiments. I also think, that much of the bias against military personel in uniform is localized. Granted, I live in the South but every time I have worn it in public I have gotten nothing but handshakes and thank you’s. I’ll be in my dress uniform, not full battle rattle with my M-4. I could see people reacting poorly to that!


Well, I shouldn’t have answered your question because I don’t know the answer. I was just hoping that my pilot that day would read and know what I was thinking that day!


Didn’t mean to be rude there. Its been a hell of a long week and I’m changing shifts so trying to stay up as long as possible and am really tired.


Interesting question…

Having worn the uniform myself, I may be a bit biased …I feel it shows professionalism and dedication to duty…It’s an HONOR to serve in this countries Armed Forces and I say wear it proudly…

Good Luck…


A “special” cup of coffee, I hope.


Wear it for sure.


sorry that I don’t know what the correct protocol in this situation is…maybe some of the cadets or ex cadets on here might care to comment?

in these times…personally I would wear my uniform and be proud of what it represents.

always appreciated when crew came aboard that had ex-military in their background as opposed to the “mickey d” reject alternative!



Note to self:

Don’t piss off Doug Pine…:wink:


Sross. My remarks were addressed as to what I would do if i was going to the Coast Guard to conduct business. Nothing worse then an E4 or E5 with a Navy Bias and a Napolean complex. As far as wearing it to an Academy I hope somebody can chime in. One of my fondest memories was catching a Military hop to Nantucket Island, why they stopped there they wouldn’t say, but while I was in the restrauant and in uniform, a gentleman walked up to me and shook my hand and bought me breakfast and thanked me for my service. It left such an impression on me that when ever I pass through Atalanta which is quite often. I try to thank as many soldiers as possible or if a group is sitting at a table in a restrauant I thank them and drop a $20.00 on the table and tell them to put it towards their bill. I wish the man that bought me breakfast years ago could only know how he affected my life. Good luck to you


Are most of the Academy guys on their summer cruises…? I haven’t seen CMA Decky in quite awhile…


Skycowboy, I’ve had the same happen to me a few times. I still remember the first time when I wasn’t even in uniform. I was taking the train to Bragg and stopped in some little town in NC for lunch and when I went pay the check found out somebody and picked it up for me. I guess I was pretty obviously military with the two A bags slung over my shoulder but was not in uniform.

My gut reaction is to wear the thing but am a little paranoid. I haven’t had to do an interview of any kind in 5 years and the last one I did was over the phone. When I first posted I hadn’t thought about it very hard but now I think the interviewer would think it kind of strange if I didn’t wear it. If I was applying to a liberal arts school I probably wouldn’t wear it though.


Personally, I’d say it depends on the reason for your visit. If it’s for a formal admissions interview, definitely wear your uniform. If it’s more informational, then I don’t think it matters either way. Some Academies have overnight visits for prospective cadets, staying with a freshman for a day and night. In that case, I would not recommend wearing uniform, regardless of branch or rank. Someone in uniform may seem a little too gung ho to the students. It would probably confuse the hell most of the freshmen anyway.


[B]Uniform Dilemma[/B]
I think Sean gave the best response of all.

I don’t know about other academies, but I just graduated from Great Lakes Maritime. I know wearing a [U]dress[/U] uniform for an admissions interview there could not hurt (but don’t wear fatigues, cameo or whatever the term is today, those are for the battle field).

I would bring a change of clothes especially if you are going to do less formal stuff afterwards, or want to tour the engine room which could be quite messy.

The bottom lines for admissions interview wear something professional. If that’s a uniform or dress shirt is up to you. Seeing as you asked you’re proud of your uniform, as you should be, I would go ahead and wear it.


If you’re going to interview, wear it. One thing it will do is show that you’re serious. It will also allow your interviewer to skip some of the fluff that goes with so many interviews, and get to the meat of the interview.

Hopefully, you’ll be accepted, which if you hav ethe post 9/11 GI Bill, will make things easier for you.

Now, when you get accepted, I’d show up in civvies for your first day. People will wonder why you’re so much better at all that regimental stuff than they are.