Viking Life Raft Service - SoCal 2024

Has anyone had recent experience in raft servicing in SoCal? Looking to get two 6 pax Viking raft annual services completed but our pervious vendors (Oceans West and Avalon Rafts) are no longer able to perform service on Viking Rafts. Oceans West appears to have closed entirely or at least stopped servicing rafts; Avalon is servicing some of our Switlik rafts but says only Viking does Viking rafts now. Been trying to get ahold of the Viking Life Saving Equipment service center in Long Beach to no avail (phones not answered, online form not replied to).


try Sal’s in alameda california. I think he is still in business though its NorCal he is certified you can send it up UPS

Thank you! I will look into that option…seems like it might be the only one in CA these days.

Have you talked to Icon international in San Pedro?