Various Cruise Lines around the world expect to be back in business:

This is when the various Cruise Lines around the world expect to be back in business:

It obviously also depends on when local authorities in the main cruise ports will allow visits.

The way things are done on board and on shore excursions will also, by necessity and according to advice/rules by health authorities in various countries, be different from before the pandemic.

When everything will be back to normal (if ever) is still unknown.

They may first have to find new victims to hire as crew before sailing again. They are still holding over 100,000 crew hostage in defiance of maritime law because "arranging private transportation for disembarking crew is “too expensive.””

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Cruise Lines are sending some of their ships half way around the world to repatriate crews from their fleet in their home countries:

Will these crew members rejoin when the ships starts service again?
Most likely, otherwise others will take their place (But at a training cost to the cruise lines)

So… they are unable to get the old crews off yet intend to recrew and start sailing in June and July (according to first article). Good luck with that. The only one in the list that has a chance of meeting it’s start date is Adventure Canada who has cancelled the entire 2020 season.

I really can’t imagine any ports opening up to cruise ships until next year.

That is left yo be seen. Income from the cruise industry is too attractive for some to pass up.

PS> We are not talking about only cruise out of US here, but world wide.

When a graph recently posted showed/percieved USA passengers represented 9.5% of the “Cargo”, you bet your ass they are looking at ways to re-open that market up.

Yes, in Carnival’s case, only after loitering for weeks trying every dirty trick they could think of in the hopes of dumping them in Miami.

Maybe they’ll think twice after educating themselves on how their employers operate.
This report is from the WSJ although I suspect you’ll find a way to discount it as fake news.

In public hearings that began April 22, the ship’s senior physician, Ilse Von Watzdorf, was asked why she didn’t update the ship’s medical log books to show that some ill people aboard the ship had been swabbed for possible Covid-19.

“I did not have enough hours, I think” to update records, she testified.”

I wonder what she was so busy doing that warranted her ignoring her duty of protecting those patients and the well being of her other passengers.

Anyone going on a cruise before a vaccine is found needs their head checked, unless they have already had the virus and are immune.


Yes certainly they will look at getting US passengers back.
What do you think the US based Cruise companies spend the big money on lobbying for?
Besides, they got Trump to tell CDC to change their stand. It helps to have (make-believe) friends in high places.

After thinking twice they’ll look at the options and re-join anyway.
What are their options??

The cruise lines know it and take full advantage.

And the crew know it. They’ll still join.

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Some questions:
When this thing is over and the crews are back, will the Cruise lines still use US ports as their “home ports” as much as they did, or will they take their business elsewhere?

Could it be that American cruisers will have to travel abroad to join cruises in the future? A lot do already.

The trend towards more cruises in Asia, especially aimed at the fast growing Chinese market, has already been seen.

The European market is more seasonal, especially northern Europe,
but “fly/cruise” in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Australia/NZ and S.E.Asia are popular with European cruisers.during the northern winter.

“Expedition cruises” to the Arctic and Antarctic is gaining in popularity. Both are seasonal, but at different times of the year.

When the Cruise traffic to/from US ports can re-start depend on State and Federal approvals.
A “fast working committee” will look at what have to be done to get it going again:

The Caribbean cruises are typically for budget travelers that are profitable with economies of scale. If a passenger, or more likely a couple or family, had to fly to The Bahamas instead of Miami the extra cost for the traveler would be a turn-off. (Budget cruise ship passengers are cheap as fuck. Trust me on that.)

As profitability in that niche requires quantity, not quality, the cruise lines will do their best to load and discharge their self-propelled cargo from a major American city with a nearby major airport.

True. I suspect that the Asian ships will tend to stay in Asia and the budget Caribbean ships will stay in the Caribbean. I know they can move back and forth. There are differences in things like decor, decorative signs and activities that won’t work as well for the others’ passengers.

For example, a big marquis over a buffet entrance that says, in English, ‘Empire State Food Trough’ may not work so well in Asia while a sign over the same buffet that says ‘Wuhan Wet Market‘ in Cantonese would only work for Americans that can’t read Cantonese.

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“Budget cruise ship passengers are cheap as fuck. Trust me on that.)”

Not all but many eat like pigs, take few shore excursion, do not understand tipping and bitch about the slightest thing.
Staff captain told me once he was happy to smile at them and say goodbye when got off in Miami to return to their trailer park.

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“If you will book discount passages you cannot expect a lot of high rollers” – QEII casino manager to Cunard office


Yes, I believe that the large cruise ships that is now the norm for the US market will probably stay there and cater to the mass market. (with cheap thrills, cheap food and no need for table manners)

Lots of Americans also look for a more “cultivated” cruise experience. They prefer smaller ships and more excotic destination and don’t mind paying for it. (Or travel to reach the ship)

The ships that specialize on the Chinese market does have decor and activities that meet Chinese needs. Signs in Chines are obviously required (not just “decorative”)
The cuisine served are also to Chinese taste. (The clientele is unfortunately not much different from that on the ships out of Miami)

Because the number of Chinese cruisers on ships world wide is fast increasing, many already adjust to cater for them.

PS> Some of the Hurtigruten ships on the coastal service in Norway have signs in Chinese and Chinese food on the menu to cater to a growing number of Chinese groupe tours that come here for the Midnight Sun, (or Northern Light)

He would have to be replaced by a big mandarin. :slight_smile:


I thought that sort of thing was more Thailand… :slight_smile:


Spelling now corrected.
PS> Didn’t know you had to go to Thailand, Trump don’t.