Various Cruise Lines around the world expect to be back in business:

The NO SPITTING signs need to be written in Chinese.

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!st chuckle of the day

Typical “No Spitting” sign in Chinese:

The US equivalent??:

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2nd chuckle of the day. I’m early

No, not equivalent. Not to put too fine of a point on it but please note that the Chinese sign is contemporary while the sign in English is an antique sold as a novelty.

OK. I didn’t find one that said “Please don’t leave cups full of tobacco spittle everywhere”.

Coulda used that sign with a few of the wheelhouse guys I worked with early in my career. YUK

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I’m assuming that is no longer socially acceptable. Anyway, we’re veering off topic.

Hopefully not.

It has been a few years since I retired now (5 years) and I didn’t see too many US flag boats, or US people on the boats I did visited, the last few years of my working life.
(I did visit quite a few new rigs and drillship bound for GoM with US crews, but didn’t see many spit cups there)

It looks like they are starting to accept reality.

My dad said he was confused by signs on the Buffalo NY railway station platform -->DO NOT EXPECTORATE UPON THE PLATFORM<-- He thought they meant urinate. That would have probably been in the thirties, and I think likely related to tuberculosis.

Back then, proper behavior consisted of using spittoons. Apparently, they’ve become collectors’ items. It’s one hobby I don’t intend to start.

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