MSC ship coming to Thailand for repair may have liberty and crew change

shipyard in Thailand ( where i currently working at) have been working with MSC/ US GOV trying to convince Thai government reguarding shore leave ( liberty) and crew change.

USNS Guam and Tippecanoe was not successful in the 1st/2nd quarter of 2022, but when USNS Mathew Perry and Cape Horn, came in …things started to change.

Thai Gov are now more relax with Covid situation in Thailand and with the incoming vessel such as USNS Charles Drew, Amelia Earhart and Miguel Keith…you guys may get liberty and crew change. Covid testing and self quarentin rules apply per norm.

Please note that this is for Thailand only. The situation in SG have not change. But i am sure that shipyard in SG is working with US GOV and SG GOV to try to get liberty and crew change for the incoming ship.

Does this apply to all ships and all crews?

INCHAPE’s latest updated Covid-19 crew change tracker:

For Thailand:
Updated: 01/05/2022
Reviewed: 26/05/2022

For Singapore:
Updated: 28/06/2022
Reviewed: 28/06/2022

all crew ( license and unlicense).

there is a lesson learn here

  • crew from Rappahanok who have been sailing for over a year and can not get crew change due to no port will let a mariner travel from sea port thru air port. They have no covid guideline for a mariner case. This is the same at every port.

  • crew on Cape Horn was hurt real bad ( hernia) and need medical attention at hospital and ship is leaving and crew was discharge and port agent was able to get him back to USA.

with the help of Thai Navy, MSC, Shipyard, Port Agent. These circumstance was raise to Thai Gov. and the feed back we received is positive. as long as covid procedure is follow, they may allow liberty and passage for crew change. Pls note that the quarentine time i think have been reduce to 5 or 7 day, cant remember which.

Update: 1 July 2022

it look like USNS Charles Drew is going to shipyard in SG for approx. 4 week. Its not coming to Thailand. So i can not update anyone as to liberty and crew change in SG. But i think it will happen. Anyone know the status of mariner crew change/ Liberty in SG ?

Unless there are special restrictions placed on USNS ships and crews by MSC/US Gov. crew change is possible, with restrictions:

IFAIK there are no restrictions on shore leave for fully vaccinated ship’s crews w/o Covid-19 symptoms,

Latest I have found.
From MPA S’pore, 7. June, 2022: