A Cruise Liner Captain’s Perspective on Recent Events

I can’t debate with someone more hard headed than me. We may as well play golf or croquet and settle it on the course. But win or lose, I won’t change your mind. I have a killer 7 iron.

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Maybe deck croquet on a Cruise ship somewhere??

LOL, not a chance, Now my 5th chuckle of the day, thats a record. Thx!

I’v never been on a cruise either. (and do not plan to do so).
Good night.

I also worked for a cruise line many years ago for a brief period. It was interesting, eye opening and for the most part enjoyable. Their supply logistics was amazing to me at that time. They do pay crap wages to third world people and the ship was kinda like a colony complete with caste system, but all in all everyone accepted their lot and were treated decently. The company I was working for was run by Norwegians at the time. I kept up with friends from that company and they said as US management began to take over it became not so much fun as ALL the management cared about then was the bottom line, stock holder value and the other important things taught to MBA students in the US since the 1980s. Staff was reduced, guest numbers increased, they even got so sloppy they got caught more often polluting, paying millions in fines etc. The shock expressed by the cruise line management when they were caught polluting always amused me as they knew full well they were paying a bonus to the captain and chief and one of the criteria for receiving the bonus was for “reduction” of waste that needed disposing . Of the few still working in the business none are surprised at recent events. The captains have near zero say in day to day corporate decisions, kinda like other shipping companies.


The fact that the captain chose or agreed to bypass a flag state port where medevacs and repatriations could have been performed in favor of keeping the dead and dying onboard for days longer is a fact.

Give it up Bug, you are just trolling now.

“In the last two weeks, other cruise lines have provided signed attestations to disembark crew members. And CDC has approved those disembarkations. Neither Holland America nor Carnival provided the attestation despite requests from CDC.”

Holland America and Carnival told the agency that arranging travel for its crew without using commercial aircraft was proving too expensive, she added.

“Because Holland America and Carnival failed to provide the safety attestation, disembarkation would have violated the No Sail Order and federal laws, which carry criminal penalties,” Reed explained. “Therefore, CDC, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, California Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Health Department, and the Los Angeles Police Department worked together to enforce the No Sail Order. Rather than comply with the No Sail Order and disembark its American crew, the Oosterdam departed.”

She should have jumped. I remember when quitting crew would jump off the bow and swim to the wharf. That was a long time ago…

There you go. Holland America, a subsidiary of Carnival put profits before people which surprises no one. People are expendable, especially the lower classes as they are easily replaceable and have no affordable legal recourse. So no worries !

Not everyone appear to think that the Masters of Zaandam and Rotterdam is some monsters that don’t care about their passengers and crews:

BTW; do we know the whole story about what went on and who decided what when these two Masters sailed for weeks around the Americas with sick and dying people on board. Yet were denied port entry or assistance at multiple ports.
Those who are/have been Masters on ships in international trade should be able to empathize with their fellow Masters.

Could they have called at any of the Dutch islands in the Caribbean? Would they be welcome there and could these small islands handle the number of sick people in question?
Could the airports on the islands handle the number of flights necessary to repatriate pax and crews to their various home countries and cities? (Many different nationalities, incl. Americans)
The airport at St.Maartens especially is fairly limited in capacity.

I don’t know the answers. Do you?

Bug, I can’t figure out if you are hopeless a troll, a CLIA stooge, or just really ignorant.

That smarmy piece of PR crap from a cruise cult site is just as slimy as the industry itself.

I think just a troll …

None of the above. Just a former Master that know what it is like to take responsibility for large crews. (Although not for thousands of pax and crews)

I don’t think the Masters on any Cruise ship is deliberately putting their crew and pax in any danger, no matter what you say.
(May even believe?)

Are you related to a guy named Trump?

See you around Bug, I’m not going to feed you anymore.

It’s easy for me to believe that the cruise lines are as horrible as what is being said but this is a professional mariners forum. If a post is made about maritime matter that has a questionable claim about a technical matter its possible someone is going to point that out.

I’ve sailed master. I understand the importance of the distinction between decisions made by the company and those made on board by the master and the limits of the master’s authority.

Another important distinction is the difference between assumptions and facts.


A post was split to a new topic: Various Cruise Lines around the world expect to be back in business:

Just now, 17 Carnival Cruise ships are together at the same anchorage in the Northwest Providence Channel in the Bahamas. They are exchanging crews with their launches.

Thereafter, some ships will leave to different ports (Indonesia, Philippines, India, Europe, South America…) to transport the non-essential crews back to their home countries.
(17 ships with, say, 700 non-essential crew = 12000 people, in single cabins for Corona reasons).

Some Carnival ships are already underway in the Pacific, doing this.
Other Carnival companies (like Costa Crociere) have the same program.


According to the article. The guy who wrote the article. Retired before all this shit hit the fan.
So basically he is just another old blow hard on a computer. Who once upon a time was a Master. Big deal, so were lots of us.
His opinion cruise ships are wonderful. Cruise Ship companies really good guys. They probably were to him, he was a Captain.
An article written by the galley boy might be slightly different.

To be fair, If I was Master of a Cruise Ship, without the benefit of hindsight, what would I have done.
First off, I know how to drive ships, I know SFA about virus’s. So I get advice from shore. on a Cruise Ship I have a Ships Doctor, I would say hey Doc, what the hell should we do about this?
I would probably follow his advice.
As for marketing, selling refunding canceling all that is dealt with by somebody ashore.
As for the rest, At the beginning of March I was at a big fancy Hotel for meetings. We were just starting to take precautions.
My hockey tickets got cancelled all NHL games cancelled,
A few days later no more meetings.
Stories about cruise ships in Japan were far away. I wouldn’t have gone on one. Not if I might get stuck quarantine on one. It was already in the News.
A week later, The Canadian Province live in had started to lock down.
On the 11th The PM advised all Canadians to Return Home.

Some idiots, ignored this and still went on thier Cruises. The Cruise Ship companies still taking people should have known better,
So should the F wits who went Cruising.

If the NHL which I personally believe is far more important to society than a god dam cruise ship could figure it out.
So could all the cruise ship companies.


Whoa…there’s been a lot of insults thrown at the cruise business but dumber than a hockey league? That would deter anyone from even thinking of taking a cruise, pandemic or not.


Nah, just meaner.


“Old time hockey, coach?”

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This Captain understood the situation.

Coronavirus journey: The ‘last cruise ship on Earth’ finally comes home https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-52350262