Vane in Seattle

I hear that a couple of Vane tugs showed up in Seattle.

Sure did , and more coming!

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Surprised it stayed quite as long as it did

What sort of work are they going to be doing? Who are they working for? Who did they take it from, Kirby or Harley?

Rumors I’ve heard are that Vane is getting some of Harley’s work.


Kirby seems to have imploded in the PNW and Alaska.

Harley seems busier than ever.


Been around Alaska since July, haven’t seen one KIRBY boat this year. Saw quite a few last year. A couple of them bunkered us in Seward, seem to just dropped of the radar. Perhaps VANE Bros. is inching their way north to Alaska.

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Yeah exactly. I first heard rumors of this back in may, but didn’t think much of it till last week when a few pics were circulating of a vane wire boat fueling in LA/LB.

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They took a coastal run from harley. According to management this is everyone’s fault except managements. The same management that went to the east coast and stole governtment contract work from Vane brothers.


Do you know if they are going to be doing bunkering in LA/LB harbor?

Doubt that. Foss and millenniumm/west oil got the stranglehold on most of that work.
Almost positive it’s all coastal work that all used to be harley’s.
Is vane the place for west coast towboaters to apply??

Are they putting stern pins on any of the boats, or hoping for the best with texas bars in winter?


One of their atbs is here so at least for that unit they don’t have to worry about that.

The atb is running from la to San Fran from what I hear , Someone posted on Facebook what contracts that actually got . The other boats are bunkering in Seattle.

What are the pros of having a the pins vrs the Texas bar in weather… excuse my ignorance in from the eat coast

The ATB Assateague made the trip.

What type of pin system does the ATB have? Intercon?


you can’t maneuver when all shortened up with a Texas or (as I learned to call it), a Dutch bar

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From what I’ve seen it may be hard to handle surge gear with a Dutch bar as well. Every west coast company I worked for used at least a shot of chain for that.

The brief stint I had on a wire boat in the gulf the boat had a Dutch bar and used no surge gear, because of the shallow water and no room on the stern to handle it when doing tow work.


That’s a good observation.

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