USCG yanking credentials linked to MAMA scam

Saw this letter posted on Facebook recently. Seems the addressee used MAMA for a course and the CG decided it was fraudulent and voided his credential.

Third world country comes to mind.

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Why Third World?

Simple. US mariners complain about 3rd world foreign mariners having credentials they bought instead of earned. So is the US is now no better than a third world country.
On a lighter note I’ll ask “what’s a second world country?” You never hear them mentioned. :slight_smile:

This is an extinct part of the humanity.

We were the ‘First World’, the best ones (!).
In the ‘Second World’ were the Commies, behind the ‘Iron Curtain’.

A Third World Country would continue to allow the sale of credentials, ensuring that all involved got a piece of the action.

We don’t.


Who is we?

I can’t help you if you can’t figure that out.

Re NI DP tickets the 2 big scandals where down south in USA and Brazil
( In Brazil it was the gov school, oops, was kept quite)