Credentials Revoked by the SIU apprentice program

I did the SIU apprentice program about 9 months ago and quit after phase 3 because I realized being licensed is better. Anyways I checked my credential status out of boredom and literally everything is gone. STCW, lifeboatman, RFPNW, etc. how does the school have this type of influence/power over the coast guard. I know I quit the program but since all that stuff was issued and it shows I’m certified how can it just get revoked like nothing. Is there a way to contest this? I ask because i was planning to attend a maritime academy and wanted to not retake those classes.

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They don’t, and almost certainly didn’t.

As far as attending a maritime academy, it’s a complete program, you don’t get the option of not taking something based on what you already hold. Also, with only very few exceptions for “ancillary” endorsements like Tankerman or Medical-PIC, their programs are not broken up by specific endorsements s are hawse-pipe programs, the training, service, etc. to meet any given requirement is scattered throughout the 4-year program. It’s one program approved for a bunch of stuff.

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I checked the NMC website and everything it says this mariner has no credentials.

As far as the maritime academy I did not know everything still had to be taken regardless of prior completion which is good to know. I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end.

Just find it odd, the SIU program even emailed me saying that everything I had taken was now incomplete but didn’t think they actually had that power

Try the website on different computers with different browsers. It’s pretty finicky and doesn’t always work.

Do you have your credentials in hand? If so, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you don’t, well they may have pulled a fast one on you.

If you have credentials in hand and have never been contacted by the USCG about revoking or surrendering them, then you are fine.


They might. It depends on how the course(s) are structured, and how they were approved. If getting credit for one thing is contingent on a course you already took, then it could be incomplete as far as something you haven’t yet been issued. This may well be the case with your qualifying for Able Seaman, if the UA program is approved as a whole for getting AB, it would be incomplete if you didn’t finish the whole thing.

I do have it in hand & in my mmc with the stickers. My BT and stuff is also laminated into my mmc. Just every time I check the NMC website it says “this mariner has no valid credentials”. But I guess if it’s in hand…. I’m not sure lol

Most likely. Well that sucks lol. I’m currently working on a ship right now out of boredom cause I missed last yrs application. Bright side my contract ends end of this month… hopefully they don’t find out

Yeh, you literally have the credentials in your hand. Forget about the website, and move on from worrying about SIU. Good luck to you.


If you have your MMC in hand then you have the credential. SIU cannot do anything about it once it’s in your hand.

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Okay sweet thank you!

I don’t know about the SIU program but in most schools all the certs are based on your successful completion of the program.

You can have all you Sea time and classes, even pass your exams, but it you get removed from the school before graduation none of it counts.

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Seems as if they invested the time and money to train you to complete the course, complete it or all bets are off. No problem with that. Seems like there would be some guidelines were agreed upon by both parties before being accepted into the program.

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Tend to agree with Slick. Also, if you have nine months seatime, no one, not even God can take that away from you. Three months more and you can get all that back with little work and time. Maybe 5 days at some program along the Gulf or out West. Then with your AB ticket you can do on the job training and work on getting a license. Just thinking… BOL!

If you’re just going off the NMC Mariner search website, it could just be a glitch. Seems common. I’m not sure if it’s any better nowadays, but I have a license and a bunch of other stuff, I searched on the NMC Website a few years ago, and only my most recent medical came up. Keep copies and records of all paperwork and submitted and received from the NMC. Keep all course completion certificates. Keep everything.


Them you have them. Nothing SIU can do.

That’s a common website glitch on the USCG’s end. There are a number of posts on here complaining about that.

The problem is your browser. The platform MMLD was designed to function with (Sharepoint) only works properly with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers. Browser incompatibility is literally the first bulletpoint under the WARNING section of the MMLD homepage.

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If you took the modules individually you would have the certificates but as part of a program it is all or nothing. Heard of a guy who attended an East Coast Maritime Academy who passed the Third Mate test but quit in the last semester, no license. Whatever college credits he had earned held but the license was contingent upon GRADUATION. Know before you go what the rules are.

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Yea. That’s pretty standard.

They’re still not all or nothing. He would have had lifeboatman, his rfpnw assessments, radar observe unlimited, etc.