Not graduating but getting the credentials you tested for and passed

Hi Everyone, hope you’re well.

Any experience with withdrawing from the school but still getting the paper you earned/paid for? I’m 1.5 years through the master’s program but for a variety of reasons it is unlikely I’ll finish. I’m still active as a professional mariner and I’m interested in getting the credentials I earned, STCW Basic Safety, PSC, Basic Firefighting, Radar, AB Unlimited, etc…

Just a shot in the dark, thanks in advance for your time.

I know for sure you are not eligible for AB unlimited until you pass license. Your cadet MMC is an OS rating. Your best bet would be to ask the MT department or licensing, since they oversee those programs and would tell you 100%

As noted above, for most you aren’t eligible for them until you complete the entire program, this is absolutely true for AB-Unlimited. But you MIGHT be eligible for some “ancillary” STCW endorsements and possibly radar and/or tankerman. But this depends on how the program is structured and how it was approved by the Coast Guard. If all of the requirements for a specific endorsement are contained in a single discrete course, and the Coast Guard approved on that basis, you might qualify for something. As a general rule, academy programs are NOT approved in discrete and separate pieces, the required bits are distributed throughout the full program and you only meet all of the requirements for the endorsements when you have finished the full program.

Ask the academy, and ask if they have maintained and can give you a copy of your “Training Record Book.” Per 46 CFR 10.404(b)(1), they should be maintaining one for you.You may also be abvle to get individual course certificates, provided the program is structured and approved that way as described above.