Can a STCW / VPDSD certification be revoked by a training program if it is already issued by the Coast Guard?

The apprenticeship program I’m in claims they can “black list” my STCW if I don’t finish their program. Is this possible if it has already been issued by the coast guard and shows it is valid when I search my book number in the NMC website?

What do they mean by blacklisting? Do they mean that they will try to badmouth you in the maritime community? Or, are they claiming that they can have the Coast Guard delete your STCW?

They are claiming they can have the coast guard delete it. I’m thinking they are bluffing and they just throw the sticker away.

Not only am I a retired MSC deck officer, I was a Coast Guard active duty sailor at one time. I worked at a marine safety office, in Morgan City Louisiana. Some private, commercial company cannot delete a certification that the Coast Guard has already approved. Not unless things have changed drastically since 1990, when I exited the Coast Guard for MSC.

My own advice would be to contact an REC, or better yet the NMC, and ask their opinion on this.

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You ought to report this schools claims to the USCG. They should find this interesting.


And the SIU bullshit strikes again.

If they throw your sticker away just call the NMC and tell them you need a new one.


How do they have the sticker to throw away anyway?

I don’t think they have the right to hold onto or throw away anything, though maybe you signed something when you joined. If you quit you should be able to ask the USCG to reissue your “lost” MMC. I still don’t think quitting is a good idea though.

Is this part of a USCG approved program? Complete the program and get everything. Don’t complete the program and get nothing. Aren’t the maritime academies like that as well?

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Yes. I just don’t understand how they can take away the certifications issued to me already? Everything is valid on the NMC website. Do they call up the coast guard to take away the certification? That does not make sense to me

I’m not saying this is the instance in your case, however many approved USCG programs are contingent on completing the program. If you don’t complete it you don’t get anything.

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They can’t take away anything you have a license or certificate for, especially issued by a Government Agency.

It’s BS used to intimidate you and others. Ask them to show you the documentation with the USCG that authorizes them such power.

Then take your money elsewhere.

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Once you actually have an endorsement, The USCG must follow the Administrative Procedures Act to suspend or revoke it for cause.

You have a right to notice and an opportunity to be heard if front of an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge).

If the USCG issued your endorsement contingent upon you finishing your program, and you fail to complete the program, that might be cause to revoke it.

However, I have never heard of the USCG issuing endorsements that are contingent upon completion of a program. Maybe they do that, but I doubt it.

As far as I know, the USCG does not issue any endorsement until you have completed all the requirements for it.

Since you have the endorsement, I suspect that you have met all the requirements for it.

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That does not appear to be the case here.

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If the endorsements were issued by the USCG then they are yours along with MMC. If they are course completion certificates used in application to get the endorsements the school could probably withhold them, or charge you the cost of the class for not finishing the program.

My 2 cents.

They can’t and you should consider reporting this to the Coast Guard - NMC and the OCMI for where the school is located. They might be able to prevent you from getting all of what the program was approved for, but they cannot have what you were already issued revoked absent negligence or fraud by you. And as already noted, that requires due process - notice and an opportunity to dispute any allegation.


They would if the mariner gave the school a “3rd party authorization” ( aka power of attorney) to act on their behalf, including applying for the MMC. It’s the norm for the academies and other programs.


@JDcaco is THE licensing expert. Listen to him.

As he said, you should consider reporting this school.

The sounds like a school run by thugs that needs to forced to clean up its act.

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Have you ever dealt with the SIU???


I gave them the 3rd party authorization. Would I be able to get a replacement sticker if I went on the NMC live chat or contacted the coast guard?