Renewing Foreign Credentials

Hi Guys,

I haven’t posted anything on here for a while, but I’ve been lurking. I have a question about renewing my documents. I recently got my USCG license renewed (December 2016). Master AGT. I’m good for STCW too, for another 5 years. My question is about how to go about renewing my other licenses?
I have licenses (and seamans books) from the Bahamas, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands and Liberia- (all tied to my USCG license, and so they all expired in December when it did). I know for a fact that the Bahamas will not allow me personally to renew my documents- they will ONLY allow a company to file the paperwork. I already tried it and they just returned my documents. I’m not sure about the others.
I’ve been laid off since September of 2014 except for a 2 week delivery job I went as AB. That company applied to Panama for AB certs for me, but I still haven’t seen them. At this point I think they must have ‘forgot’ to file them. They were too cheap to apply for the license (even when I offered to pay the fees myself).
Does anyone know if any of these countries will allow an individual mariner to file their own renewal paperwork? Or do all of them require you to go through a company? Since I haven’t been working in so long, I don’t have a company to file these papers for me. I hate to think of all the work opportunities I will lose if/when they start hiring again. Especially since all the ships I normally work on are foreign flagged and we have so few American ships I’m allowed to work on anymore.
Have any of you been through this recently? I’ve already checked their websites but don’t find the info I need. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

PS- I did a couple of searches on here, but didn’t see anything specific to this question. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s in this position after the last couple of years

[QUOTE=JP;194325] I did a couple of searches on here, but didn’t see anything specific to this question. [/QUOTE]

That is because you need to go the website of the maritime authority of the nation that issued the certificate of equivalent competence or license. Searching here is kind of pointless when the people who gave you the ticket are so easily contacted for information and are the people you are going to have to deal with. No one here is going to issue you a license.

Well, maybe I will, send me all your original certificates and bank account information (account numbers username and passwords) along with your credit card numbers (don’t forget the 3 number code and account username and password) and I will send you a newly validated version of any license you want.