Anyone have any advice

hello all…

I have a 100ton masters license with a slew of endorsements as well as AB special with lifeboatman and BST…and a another slew of misc courses…cargo, search and rescue…so here is the question or guidance i need…im slowly but surely upgrading to a US 500 ton masters license but im married to a canadian and i would like to work in canada but trying to get a certificate of competency (canadian equivalent to a USCG license) is feeling like impossible unless i go back to school and what feels like taking the same courses i just took over again. what should i do?!! is it feasible to just go through the process in canada, work on a canadian vessel and just maintain my US license via the sea time i acquire? getting my 500 ton in the US seems like it may be useless unless i work in the US…which i will again eventually but my goal is work closer to the spouse…any advice or something?


this might be “or something”…I am just beginning to investigate CoC and employment opportunities on vessels of other “flag states”…appears that you may need the sponsorship of a company that is “native” in order to be successfully considered…your dossier should be detailed and complete…all your training needs to be very well documented…all certifications particularly STCW (inherent or otherwise) on your MMC needs to be listed as well…good luck getting the latter from the NMC!!

Thanks for the info…ya i kind of just assumed that was the case but it seems as if the foreign vessel might require that country’s corresponding certificate (licensing?)…as is the case in Canada (i think)…of course when I went to inquire about at Transport Canada (their licensing people)…my US license was not really recognized nor my my other certificates. So frustrating the whole process…however the courses and classes in Canada are a bit cheaper…and of course talking to the appropriate people in the US or Canada you get 12 different answers. Well…I guess the best thing to do is…like you said…have a detailed dossier. So does the NMC do that?

Here is the funny thing about Canada…they dont have a 100 ton license…the do it by 60, 150, 500, 3000 ton…very different…its a whole other animal there

dossier not resume or cv…dossier is literally everything about you right down to the mole on your left cheek…you do that not the NMC…research the differences!!

**recieved this advise from someone who provides crews internationally.