An update

I haven’t been around much, been very busy with life…

Anyway, some of you may remember my quest to get my MMD renewed and license out of continuity.

I have completed the classes and will be faxing them in to the NMC tomorrow. They also wanted me to get a letter of transfers from my previous employer in order to keep my tankerman endorsement. That employer blew me off. I really don’t care, I think if I go back out it will be in other venues than tankers. (interestingly enough I noticed said company has bare-boated most of their tankers… hmm when I was with them, tankers were the only business unit that was making them any money!)

Anyway, back on topic. I wanted to thank those who helped me this far, and say I may still need some advise before this is done.

Also, I will say this, I would recommend Maine Maritime’s continuing ed program for anyone who has to refresh their BST (if your in that part of the world). The instructors were excellent at keeping those of us refreshing from being bored out of our minds while going over basics while still being able to instruct the first timers.