USCG Requirements for Hawsepipers EXCEEDS STCW Code

So… Been busy here in Galveston, we’re sailing at 1400- worked late last night between Slops and A/C Piping Repairs…

I looked more into the subject about the USCG requiring Training IN EXCESS of the STCW Requirements…
Downloaded and read the IMO STCW Code for A-III/!.

NO WHERE can I find in the STCW Code A-III/1 for the five additional training requirement contained in 46 CFR 11.329,

Various Union “stakeholders” (this is across the industry) attended these meetings with the USCG regarding this “addition”- it effectively cuts offf an Unlicensed Mariner from obtaining an STCW Endorsement AFTER obtaining a License without $10,000 to $15,000 in additional training.

Who agreed to this insanity? Why are these “Hawsepipe” Officers being unfairly held back?

I will draft an appeal letter for this shipmate. I will also include this in my write up to the OMB regarding deregulation of the Maritime Industry…

Oh, by the way- the same “disparity” exsists on the Deck side also… What in the hell is going on here?

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I would rather enjoy seeing comments from the certain NMC “interested parties” in this obvious disparity- there’s a lot of knowledge base out there…

Your post isn’t clear to me.
How does USCG training requirements exceed the STCW requirements?

In my experience to get a national license with the USCG the requirements are actually very minimal, as long as you pass the tests.

For getting the STCW endorsements, post 2017, the required training is extensive and requires months of time and investments of above 20k dollars. At least for the unlimited tonnage licenses, which I paid for out of pocket and took time off work to do.

The STCW requirement is by IMO and international standards not the USCG right? If you sail in US waters you have only to meet the USCG requirements.

Am i missing something about what you are saying?

I could’ve gotten a national third mate unlimited license after taking an advanced fire fighting class if i passed the tests.

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I hope you are right.

Then go to an Academy and spend 10 times that amount plus not being able to work for 3-4 years.