USCG Master 500NC Prep Courses in Massachusetts?

Hi All,

Anyone know of a good prep course for the Master 500NC upgrade in Massachusetts? Also trying to figure out where the testing centers are in that area as well. Thanks for any guidance.

Don’t all exams for endorsements above 200 GRT still need to be administered at the REC? Seems like this was the way it was before. Lots of changes keep happening, though.

For you, the closest REC would be Boston.

Question was about prep courses. To prepare to take the exam at an REC.

I’m not aware of any. They have been in steady decline since the publication of exam questions and the availability of self-study products.

I think there were two questions. The first was about prep corses and the second was about test centers.

So you can confirm that all testing for above 200 GRT sill has to happen at a REC?

See paragraph 4.b.2 of NVIC 03-14.