USCG License Prep App

Hello Fellow Engineers,

I recently finished the final touches on an iPhone/iPad app which is a study guide for all the USCG Engineering exams, QMED to CHENG.
The app is called ‘License Prep’ and it is a free download. Once installed, each module is $4. So, if you are studying for your 3rd AE Motor/Steam/GT, the total cost for the seven modules would be 28 bucks. No advertisements or subscription charges, as such I believe my app is the cheapest study solution on the market. I just used it exclusively to study for my 1st AE upgrade, and it worked out really well. No active internet connection required once it is installed. Below are links to the app store and to the associated website.

App Store Link

App Website

Eventually, in the next 3 months, I’ll be coming out with an Android version.
Feedback and reviews are very welcome. Thanks everyone.