New Study App

Just throwing this out there. I found a new app that is available for iphone and ipad. Its called Upgrade U. So far I really like it. It has a ton of reference material (Bowditch, Rules, Nautical Almanac, Sight Reduction Tables, Coast Pilot, Light List, Tides and Currents, International Code of Signals, Radio Navigation Aids, Stability Data Reference Book, M.V. Grand Haven Loading Manual, Operating Manual for Coastal Driller, Operating Manual for Deep Driller, Chart 1, MODU Handbook, Chemical Data Guide Book, CFRs and a few others. It works offline so you can use it while you are out of range, it has tests with answers and you can record test scores. The best part is that it breaks down the the studying to the scope of license you are testing for so if you are going for you 500/1600 Ton you don’t have to weed out all of the stuff you won’t be tested on like when you buy Murphy’s. It has flash cards, IMO symbols Maneuvering boards, and study tips. It’s a $20.00 app but believe me you will not get this much material anywhere else for a fraction of the cost. I’m not sure how long its been out but I wish I had know about it before I bought the murphy books and now you don’t have the compatibility issues that lapware has or the monthly cost and need of internet. Figured some of you guys out there looking to upgrade may be interested. Again, Upgrade U is what its called and its in the App Store for iphone and ipad…


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This is a mariner, not med student, forum.

Why the fuck are you asking about MDCAT test prep on a maritime forum? Or is this some lame attempt to shill “STEP by PCG” like I suspect?

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