Best study materials for QMED and DDE uscg exams?

Hey all,
I recently submitted my initial MMC application and sea service docs and I’m currently self-studying for both the QMED and DDE 4000 exams which I plan on taking early next year. I’ve already purchased the Mariner Advancement USB key and I’m about 80% through the full question bank. Of course I want to study the theory and not just memorize the question bank so I was curious what others have used to supplement the various question banks out there like hawespipe, seasources, mariner advancement etc. What have you guys used?

I’ve seen a few other threads where guys said they used the Marine Engineering Workbook set from Mass Maritime Academy but I’m worried is just going to be the same question bank (plus it hasn’t been updated since 2015). The other option appears to be the “USCG Illustrations Workbooks” by Alan Gillis which were just updated in March 2019.

Before dropping ~200usd on either of these options I wanted to see what people have used. Thanks in advance!

Look closer on your USB drive. I believe Mariner Advancement usually includes a lot of good study resources in .PDF format. Check through all the folders.

Reed’s Engineering is a multi-volume series you can find on Amazon, among other places. You can buy the books for specific areas you are interested in.

Principles of Naval Engineering is also a classic.

Nothing wrong with studying the question bank. That will give you a good idea of your weak areas and strong areas. When you find a weak spot that’s a good reason to go back to the books and study that area until you’re up to speed.

No point in memorizing the questions anyway. They won’t be the exact same ones as on the test.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply! I have looked through the included .pdfs on the USB key but it appears to be quite lacking on materials relevant to steam plants which is definitely my weak spot at the moment. The only pdf that mentions steam is the engineman.pdf document which has some relevant sections but I was looking for a bit more.

I’ve got Introduction to Marine Engineering which has some good information. I’ll look around for the two you recommended.

And yeah of course I’m not actually memorizing the question bank. Just curious if others here have used either the Mass or the Illustration workbooks.

Merry xmas eve! =p

I’ve self studied from qmed to chief limited. I used, and i prefer how mariner advancements thumb drive is laid out compared to hawsepipe, but thats me.
I think it helps to study with more than one source, especially when it comes to the problems that require math and such. Pretty much all my studying thru the years while upgrading has been with mariner advancement and lapware. Its worked well for me! Lapware has a monthly cost so if you don’t have wifi at sea plan accordingly.