USCG Domestic Endorsements GRT and GT

Does the USCG issue Domestic endorsements with a tonnage limit stated in only GRT?

Or does the USCG state the tonnage limit in both GRT and GT?

I have multiple domestic endorsements. The only one that lists both GRT and GT is my 1600 GRT/3000 GT OSV Master, for whatever reason…

Since early 2014, national endorsements (licenses) have used only GRT, and STCW endorsements have used only GT.

That endorsement might have been issued before the change in 2014. Since that was less than 5 years ago, there are still valid endorsements that use both.

I also have multiple domestic endorsements with tonnage limits stated only in GRT, except that Master OSV is limited to the same x,000 GRT / x,000 GT.