USCG CM/Master Exam

Just completed and passed my CM/Masters exams. Those who had posted to me that the Rules questions were new or re-written were right. I only recognized a handful of the questions. When preparing I was scoring high 90s or a 100, but just got by with a 90 in the actual test. Everything else was pretyy much the same as it was when I last tested in 2007.
Best Regards

Can you describe how they are different?

I agree, any more info would be very appreciated, remember any specific questions ?

Congratulations on the accomplishment. I remember the feeling when I had that test behind me and was finally able to decompress.

I heard there are a lot more questions on the annexes than before.

Guess I know what I’m reading tonight! Belated congrat’s!

Congrats John!

Congratulations! I KNOW what a long, hard road its been! Hope your friends and family throw you a big celebration!
Now we just have to hope the USCG doesn;t throw us for another loop with more new rules!!!