USCG Approved LRG OSV Assessment and Training

Looking over the USCG’s NMC website and going through the requirements for C/E OSV 6000 ITC, I see a USCG approved LRG OSV Assessment and Training requirement. What does that envolve? Thanks!

Basically it is being on a approved training vessel for 56 days, completeing the approved check off list, by an certified assesor, and turning it in to the coast guard, to get the 6000 ITC OSV chief sticker for your little red book.

I will refrain from giving my opion about this B.S. check off list, and be nice today.

I’ll say it for you Chief. The check off list is so ridiculous my QMED’s are capable of every task on there. It is what it is and gets you a little more money. Your observer time has to be onboard an approved “training vessel” over 3000 itc. So until you hire on with an OSV company with an approved program it’s not an issue for you. Also you have to hold your license for at least a year, and have at least 180 days on a vessel over 1000 itc.