OSV License Question?

I currently hold a 2nd A/E Unlimited motors/steam, Chief Limited Near Coastal, Chief OSV 3000 GT and DDE Unlimited. I’m looking to get a Chief OSV 6000 ton endorsement but can’t quite figure out the requirements or whether or not I’m already qualified. Can anybody help with an explanation? I’ve heard mention of an assessment book…does this exist and is it required? Should I just wait a few more months until when I upgrade to 1st A/E Unlimited and Chief Limited Oceans? Nobody at my company office seems to know and the NMC is never too helpful with these kinds of questions. Thanks for any help.

You need to take a Coast Guard approved Large OSV training program. It uisn’t a course, there are requirements that you have experience as chief on smaller OSVs, and then be assigned to an OSV over 3000 ITC as a trainee. If your company doesn’t know, they probably don’t have an approved program.

You have to have at least 180 on a vessel in the capacity of your license . Then you have to get in a large osv program on a osv above 3000 ITC. You spend 56 days as a observer the 28 days to do assessments. There general as in pumping mud , checking tote tanks , etc…Chouest has a 6000 program but it’s hard to get on 1 of the large osv to get the assessments done .

Depends on what division you get hired on with Chouest. Some divisions have virtually nothing but large OSV’s, and it’s pretty easy to get on one. If you let Nicky Collins know what your aspirations are they can probably work with you. Engineers are usually always in demand.