USCG 1600 NC test bank question

I was issued my original license 100 master 200 mate prior to 2014. I’m testing to upgrade to mate 1600 NC shortly. From how I read the info at the USCG i will be testing with the old questions. Am i correct? Thanks

I believe if you are using destine prior to 2014 then yes you should be under the old modules, minus ROR I believe everyone gets the new test. This was all the case about a year ago when I was approved.

Seatime*** not destine

The relevant factor is when you began the service for Mate 1600, not when you obtained your current endorsements. You can take the old exams if you have at least one day of service that meets the requirements for Mate 1600 that was obtained before March 24, 2014. You also would have the option of taking the new exams if you prefer.

On Mate 1600, I do not think there were significant changes to the exams that were being given just before March 24, 2014. For other endorsements there were some major changes, but I don’t think there were many for Mate 16900.

Thanks for the answers. Sounds like I will be using the new questions. I’m just trying to narrow down what I should be studying.

Since it’s probably better to learn the material instead of specific questions, perhaps you should use both to prepare. However, as far as what exams you will get, if your testing letter specified the old modules, that’s what you’ll get unless you request to test under the new. You can tell whether it’s old or new by the module numbers. The new ones all begin with “Q” on the old, only Rules starts with Q.

All of my modules have the Q in front of them. I have purchased just about all of the reference books listed in the Murphy Guides. Not the most exciting reading material but I have read most of them. The hawspipe is not the easiest way to go these days. Thanks again