US Flag vessel fire on sea trial & towed to port

Anybody heard about a US vessel leaving the yard in AL & having to return under tow due to a fire?
A former shipmate, who was aboard, posted about it. Prudently, didn’t mention ship’s name.

Being reported as the Button

There was another bridge strike in Arkansas

And a laker hit a lighthouse

MEBA’s Facebook page oddly silent on these recent incidents.

Maybe they learned their lesson from this classless post.


Ships of all types and sizes, flying many different flags arrives and leaves port all over the world all the time.
Very few of them have a blackout during the passage to/from open sea and even fewer hit bridges if that happens.

That this come from a Maritime Union is downright disgraceful.

Haven’t they better things to do, like to protect their members from exploitation by greedy Owners. (Sarcasm)

AMO ship, not MEBA. Hopefully everyone onboard is OK. These ships were build in the 80’s and are certainly a handful to keep running.

MEBA posted it.

That trash post was bout the Dali, not the Bobo class ship.

And this one was built last year.

I thought this thread was about a ship that returned to port after a fire, not the reflagged car ship.

The laker that hit the light is neither MEBA or AMO. Another Rand Logistics vessel took on too much ore at Duluth and went aground at the dock. Had to lightered into another ore boat. So they were causing massive delays at both ends Lake Superior this week.