I’ve been with AMO since 2016 as a 2 A/E and I am looking to move on, as the jobs are fairly limited. Is there any issues legally switching unions or can I even be a member of both unions simultaneously until I determine which union suits me best? Also, what would be the best and busiest meba hall in Florida?


Tampa hall is open the whole week, I think the Jax hall is open fewer hours during the day. All the Jax jobs open to Tampa and vice-versa. Tampa also gets the Seacor Enterprise ships routinely, you won’t battle any group 1’s for those jobs.

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Thank you for the info. Does Tampa have anything else routine other than those OSV’s? I’m looking ideally for tramp/foreign deep sea port calls.

Seacor owned, but not OSV’s. The Texas and Mississippi Enterprise are bulkers, usually running coal into TECO.

Car ships come into Blount Island, Jax if you want foreign/tramp. I saw two Jax car ship jobs go open to Tampa last time I was there.

Awesome. thanks Sherman; you’ve helped me make my decision to join meba. I hope there is no conflict with being associated with both unions though.

I have seen many bail to come over to MMP and engineers who were once AMO. I don’t think they can legally do anything about it, unless you’re double dipping/shipping with both.

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