Laker aground

Is that channel marker a little too close?:


It wasn’t until it was. They grounded way North of that marker and the current spun them on top of it. Lucky for them somebody had eyes on the marker and the stopped the screw before they wrapped it up.

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The boat was designed to run with a certain amount of crew. I wonder it all the staffing reductions played a part. Indirectly, of course…

Well grand river does strut around job fairs saying you could be a captain in as little as 4 years to 3rd mate new grads, so I guess this is a cost of doing business to the owners

They are lucky they are not in Japan. Their buoys spray paint a line on your ship if you happen to get too close and nudge one.

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I think if they to choose between spray paint and running aground they’d take the spray paint

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