Ship grounded at 12 mile anchorage

I know this is a now more of a screeching leftist ORANGE MAN BAD kind of forum, but I think a few of us still come here for maritime stuff.

It looks like the ship has been pulled out of the mud by 6 tugs and is heading up to NOLA once again.


Steering failure or pilot woopsie?

The speculation I read was a combination of fog and pilot woopsie

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Forgot to turn on the radar? Mighty big woopsie.

Bet your ass it ain’t Federal pilots. Those guys rock and roll.

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Do the federal pilots do any foreign flagged stuff? I thought they just did US flagged.

The Feds only do US flag stuff so basically they get to do ATB’s, wire boats and barges, Jones Act tankers, a handful of US bulkers and a random Navy/MSC/Marad asset now and then. They would never be allowed to touch a foreign flag container ship. That Seakay Spirit that ran for a little while was the biggest thing they got to handle for some time.

Any pilot on the river, no matter the association is adroit at working in fog. Nature of the job. Can’t explain this oops, however.

Unless things have changed, all US flag vessels sailing or arriving on foreign voyages must use state pilots.