Crescent Ship Service-Mississippi River

I’m not sure if anyone would be interested but ill go ahead and put it out there for anyone just in case, I work for Crescent ship service which is based out of Arabi La, it’s a pilot launch service on the Mississippi River with 4 different launch stations, we work 6 days on, 3 days off, 12hr shifts, go home everyday. The work consists of servicing the ships in the anchorages that each launch covers, putting people such as USDA, NCB, customs and uscg on ships, taking pilots on and off anchored ships, and doing underway pilot changes, the boats are decent, 45ft gulfcraft boats, with 8v71s, 600hp both right hand wheels and manual clutches, the work is very steady, they never have lay offs, this job is there everyday no matter what, some 6 day hitches I don’t even crank a boat up but still get paid, for captains they require a 100ton oupv inland license, and they normally start around 175-240 for the guys that have been there quite a while, they also hire deckhands with no previous experience or having never been on a boat before, deckhands normally start at 96 a day and doesn’t seem to be much room for negotiating on that, they do have openings for both capts and deckhands, just thought I would mention it if anyone would be interested