Fire on the Mississippi

Does anyone have a details on cause the recent fire on the boat on the Mississippi? Thanks!

I’d be interested to hear from any guys working on the rivers as well. We had a guy come to my ship that worked for one of the big Miss. River outfits and he said it’s a real shit show out there. Doing things like performing oil changes under full power by just popping open the oil filter housing and dumping the oil right to the bilge (while on the bypass filter)…that’s just crazy to me. Combine that with really low pay, long hours, and always getting called to come back early (according to him), I can see the incident report coming together already. Amazing to me that this doesn’t happen more often.

Sounds like the gulf in the 90’s

Thank you for your input. If anyone sees anything related to the report
please post. I very much appreciate the gCaptain news but feel that, while
initial incidents are reported regularly, there is less emphasis on the
follow up story. The hows and why of what happened. To me this is where
is the most opportunity to learn about that fascinating amalgam of ships,
weather, and human nature.