Us code and the cfr

Anybody have any experience with this question?

“By law, the maximum penalty for failing (without reasonable cause) to give aid in the case of collision is_______________.”

I found the answer in the US CODE. Is it in the CFR?

46 USC 2304

Answer: “Two years imprisonment or $1000”

CFR aren’t law, so the phrase “by law” makes me think it is USC and possibly only USC.

there are no penatlies in the CFR’s…only in the USC.

According to Deck and engineering guidance. USC is not in the exam room. I guess I have it memorized now. Thanks guys.

you are not alone in not being aware that 46USC is the enabling statutes behind the regulations in 46CFR. The statues are Law established by Congress only. Regulations are established by the Exectutive (Administration) and must be in keeping with the mandate of the Code just as Code must be in keeping with the US Constitution or applicable International Treaties (which also have the force of Statute)

The Coast Guard is wrong in not allowing 46USC to be in the room imo. They are MORE IMPORTANT than the CFR’s!