Penalty in CFR or USC for failure to provide sea time letter?

A friend just pointed out that 46 CFR 14.305 - 14.311 require an employer to provide documentation of sea service. But has anyone heard of a penalty or enforcement mechanism to compel this? If they don’t provide a letter, what options would a mariner have?

I can’t quote the CFR’s but I am fairly certain the employer has to legally provide a sea time letter on an annual basis if asked to do so. I could see them refusing if a mariner kept asking again and again on a monthly basis but I know they are legally required to give you a letter. The only situations I have found where this comes up is when a mariner leaves unprofessionally, but still they should legally have to provide it. The Maritime industry is big, but a small world as well. I would be careful who you tell to “f off” when leaving a job because odds are you will regret burning that bridge somewhere down the line. If any one can find the CFR, I would appreciate it as well.

Where Y’at, DC?

For sure they must legally (46 CFR 14.305 et seq) but what’s the penalty if they don’t? My sitch is with a defunct volunteer program that can’t find their logs but won’t sign the letters I’ve drafted “until they find the logs.” It’s been over a month now & nobody’s picking up the phone any more.

any penalty would be stipulated in 46USC (United States Code) not in 46CFR

btw, I believe this is what you seek

Good luck getting it enforced. You’d have to call the Coast Guard. I suppose you could call and discuss it with them but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I work for the government and I have had to go to the union and get them to intercede just to get my sea letter sometimes.