Upgrading to chief limited

Hello I am looking to upgrade from chief osv to chief limited and was wondering if there is any apps for studying on my phone I have the hawespipe usb that I have been using just seeing if there any anything else any body recommends??

If you have an iPhone/iPad there’s an app from the same guy that created UpgradeU. Haven’t heard any feedback about it though, so I couldn’t tell you if it’s worth buying, but aside from a lack of email response, the guy does pretty good work at a fraction of the cost of most study programs.

I unfortunately don’t but thanks for the info!

I will have enough time to upgrade to chief limited next year myself. I used the mariner advancement thumbdrive and lapware when I upgraded from dde 4000 to unlimited a couple years ago. I plan on using the same for chief limited. From what I have heard the chief test is pretty similair to dde unlimited.

Depending on what test you take, post 3/24/14 rules, the test is the same for chief limited, 1st A/E and chief unlimited, just the amount of modules, I took my chief limited in the late '90s, it was easier than the DDE unlimited, took the 1st A/E last year under the new rules and was insanely easy, already knew most of the material from all my years working in the engine room, I did use mariner advancement to brush up on the material, lot of managerial and leadership questions, if you didn’t fall asleep taking the GAP closure classes you should have no problem.