Probably not new but am going to ask anyway - better to upgrade to unlimited DDE or chief limited?

I have a 4000 DDE/Chief OSV. I’m wondering if it is better to upgrade to unlimited DDE or chief limited? I have been on Supply vessels (more recently on Diesel electric & z-drive), for my entire career. I am looking at getting out of the oilfield and into ATB’s. Any suggestions?

No. But I do have a question: why ATBs?

If you have the seatime go straight to chief limited. Its a four module exam and pretty much the same material. (This statement is based on the old material. I can’t vouch for the new.)
I would think it would make you more marketable since you want to get on ATBs as well.

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DDE Unlimited allows you to work on vessels up to 500 GRT while Chief Limited allows you to work on vessels up to 1,600 GRT / 3,000 GT. Neither one has a horsepower limitation.

Which one do you think is better to have?

If the OP has at least half of the required service on vessels 4000hp or more the chief limited would be unlimited hp. Otherwise there would be a calculation involved giving limited hp.

Yes, but he didn’t ask about Chief Limited 4,000…

He might not know all the particulars of both licenses, and we won’t know unless he cares to elaborate. As we all know the engine license structure is confusing.

I bet you are an absolute joy to sail with. It must be rough for you having such an eye for erroneous detail and being surrounded by fools.

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It’s good to point this out. DDE Unlimited is based solely on quantity of sea service, what HP you get with Chief-Limited depends on the HP of the vessels you worked. Since the original question didn’t tell us what vessels they worked on, it’s useful information. (i.e. tell them what they want to know, not what they asked for).


True. I was hoping he had a least a minimal understanding of what he might qualify for.

well, this was worth reading just to watch inspector clousou!! avoid the dde route when possible, … unless you’re satisfied not ‘‘getting in too deep’’ !!

The requirements on the engineering side are so confusing, very few actually understand the progression. I hold a DDE Unlimited, Chief Limited Oceans, Unlimited Chief, OSV, and a Third Assistant Engineer, Limited. My navy time was on 11,000 shaft horsepower, but they wouldn’t qualify me for unlimited engineer time. I have to serve on something over 4000 Hp for that. I guess the 11,000 didn’t count.

Your Chief Limited supercedes your DDE Unlimited so the only reason you would have both in your book is if you upgraded with a sticker page. The DDE should be removed when you renew next.

That’s “Chief OSV”

Huh? I don’t even think that exists. What’s the limitation?

It doesn’t exist. But based on the comment about not accepting Navy HP, I assume it’s 3rd AE with a HP limitation somewhere between 2,000 and 10,000. But that doesn’t explain why there is not a similar limitation on all the others (except DDE). Conspicuously missing is also an iondication of what the propulsion modes for all of these are. It hardly helps anyone who is not among the “very few actually understand the progression…” (I’m not sure he does either, or even that there is a "progression: for any other than 3rd AE to CE via the hierarchy of “unlimited” endorsements.)

I was thinking he might have “Assistant Engineer Limited” that he got at the same time as DDE Unlimited and it’s still in his book because he later got a sticker for Chief Engineer Limited.

I’ve had the DDE Unlimited initial issue, I’m on 5th issue Engineer and 6th issue Captain. The Third assistant is indeed a recent upgrade and on a sticker, and the limitation is 4000 Hp. I received the OSV Chief 4th issue, I guess it was some kind of freebie for something?

And they might not have taken my Navy time as it was steam, and I have a motor license.

Then I don’t understand why you have both DDE Unlimited and Chief Engineer Limited. The DDE is completely superfluous.

Does your chief limited have a horsepower limitation? If so that would explain holding a DDE unlimited and Chief Limited.

frank license 2017_2 3.pdf (455.0 KB)

avoid the dde !