Run chief engineer on an atb with DDE 4000. under 500grt rated 4400hp?

Asking for a friend. Can you run chief engineer on an atb with only holding a DDE 4000. The vessel is under 500grt but rated at 4400hp? Thanks

At the risk of responding to a revived zombie discussion, is this a serious question? Does you friend know what the “4000” refers to? Seems obvious, but note the following from 46 CFR 15.915:
The following licenses and MMC officer endorsements authorize the holder to serve as noted, within any restrictions on the license or MMC [emphasis added]
HP is, of course, a restriction. Note also the routes they can serve on.

Yeah I know HP, so upgrade DDE Unlimited can you run as chief or would he need a chief license .

He would need whatever license is listed on the COI.

If a DDE is acceptable by tonnage then the COI should say DDE, if a C/E Ltd is needed by tonnage then the COI should say Chief Engineer.

Issue is HP, not tonnage.

Yes, the original question was HP related but the previous post asked “so upgrade DDE Unlimited can you run as chief or would he need a chief license” The difference in requirement for a DDE vs Chief Engineer is tonnage, not HP.

DDE is essentially Chief less than 500 tons by another name.

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Putting two and two together, i suspect this may be one of vane’s ATBs. DDE 4000 does not cut it just because of HP alone. How could a less than 4000 hp limitation cover a boat that is 4400?

DDE unlimited can’t sail as a chief on these boats either unless they have the corresponding chief engineer stcw endorsement. Some DDEs have that, some don’t.
DDE unlimited w/OICEW is the bare minimum to run as a licensed assistant on these vessels.

I know this because i used to be a chief on one. So unless the manning document changed, or i am totally wrong and these aren"t the vane atbs i’m thinking of, i’m right =)


On most Jones Act trade 4400hp tugs, under 200 GRT ( that’s about 500 GT) no licensed engineer is required. No STCW is required either.