Upgrading from AB limited to 500GRT Mate

Right now I am holding AB limited and QMED certifications. I’m looking to upgrade to 500 ton Mate, I have a few questions and if you would please leave your sarcasm for the next guy that would be great.

Does my Sea Time rollover from certification to certification? Like my 540 days I earned to get my AB does that rollover towards being a mate? Or do I need 1080 days on my AB ballot to qualify?

Secondly, are coastguard approved classes in person right now or via zoom? Weather I qualify or not as Mate at the moment I would like to get my tankerman endorsement. I live in Southern California, if anyone has any recommendations for schooling that would be much appreciated as well.

Off the top of my head, 500 grt mate is 720 days with at least 90 days as an AB? The 500 grt master requires 1080 days, with no specific requirements holding an AB.

Go look at the checklists on the NMC website to see if i am right.

Since you are in so cal, talk to TRL in san diego. I know some guys that have done some courses there lately and they were in person, not remote.

TRL is pretty much the only place in any of CA to get courses done these days.

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Although this may not be a technically correct way of saying it, your seatime as an OS and AB does “rollover” or count toward becoming a Mate.

It is well worth the small cost to hire a good USCG license consultant to help you prepare and present your application to the USCG.

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For most (but not all) endorsements, sea time is given as a total requirement and not solely as time since obtaining another endorsement. So generally, sea time can be “re-used” as long as oit meets the requirements specified for the endorsement, and also meets the requirement that a portion of the total be “recent.” For Mate 500, time used for ratings endorsement can be “re-used” to the extent that it meets the specific service criteria for the time for Mate 500. Don’t assume the NMC will have a copy of your previous sea time readily available, it may have been sent to archive storage. Include a copy of it with your new application.

The Coast Guard has allowed schools to use distance or blended learning for courses if it appropriate for the specific portions of the course. This generally applies to “knowledge” portions of courses (e.g. sitting in a classroom lecture) and not to practical training (e.g. putting out a live fire). I’m not directly involved in evaluating courses, so I cannot say to what extend specific courses are using remote instruction. You should probably contact specific schools to inquire about their courses.

Since the OP is in so cal, Jewel in san diego is money well spent for any applications. I have a few former co-workers who have used her for upgrades/renewals. Google jewel licensing consultant in san diego and her website will come up.