O/S to 200NC Mate

Thank you all for your time and help.

I was looking at my licensure to upgrade from OS to AB, but I’ve come across the requirements for National Mate 200NC and to me if I’m reading it correctly it’s stating I need: 360 days of deck service, first aid, CPR, and passing exams. I will be completing an AB course this winter, but I am also wanting to pursue a course that would satisfy the exam requirements for National Mate 200NC.

Below I’ve attached the link from the USCG website for the requirements.

Below that I’ve attached the course that I am wanting to complete to satisfy the exam requirements. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am working on a 150ft landing craft.


What’s the GRT of the landing craft?

The GRT of the landingcraft is 187GRT

The course has a limited shelf life - it won’t be accepted if it’s more than a year old. I would suggest applying, getting approved to take the test from The Coast Guard, and then take the course.

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Did a similar upgrade but I was on tugs.

I took the AB course. It’ll help you get a good base plus good reference materials for later. Also took the STCW basic training. Did it at MPT was great.

Print out the assessments for Lifeboatman/psc get them signed off by a qualified assessor if you can. Request to test for it. Or take the course if that’s not possible.

Once you have the seatime put in the app for AB-limited or whatever you have time for.
Then request to test mate 200grt NC mate, & lifeboatman/psc

You should get an approved to test letter for

Then use the study aid of choice. I used lapware and once you pass your exams you’ll be good to go.