Upgrade training cost

hi im 57 years old 100 ton nc w/tow and wiper steward rating just renewed 4th issue, small boat guy looking to make more money until im 65 is it realistic i am overall master mechanic able to perform near any work up to 1000 hp and all the machinery for it full spectrum land and sea should i spend 3000$ on training would like alaska as i worked in dutch harbor as a diver and boat repairman still in great shape thanks

Are you wanting a deck or engine license?
What type of vessel would you ultimately want to work on?

You would likely be better off getting an AB rating and sailing on that.

Ab seemed a way to go but qmed was suggested by local school as I’m
engineering minded. The oiler test looks ok but jr. Test is tough so ab
special might work, at 57 can I make enough in ten yrs on big vessels or
job market poor for that. Been in alaska so just a thought

type of vessel is one that will give me best return with training required at least expense for upgrade from current level to better level in time frame - vague but ab special still expensive w/stcw and other specs sorry small boat guy here

although the job market sucks I’d say you have a better shot with the qmed. from what I’ve seen I think there are still more opportunities for engineers, even in these lackluster times. what makes it so expensive is the stcw endorsements that you will need, no matter which route you go.

Thanks the qmed is good I really want the jr. Eng. The elect. Test sect is
real tough but worth it hey I can do the oiler but I thought my age could
be a problem am I too old?

Some other people are in that the same age bracket . Any one that is hiring wants mature qualified people . They just do not want to pay for it . With the way the academies’ are cranking out new thirds it is even harder to pick something up .
I’d have to agree with Ctony , Engineering has more opportunities than deck . The endorsements are the tuff part if coming out of pocket . Watch which School you choose to get any of your STCW . Some have quite a game running and are cashing in on it . Others have good programs , but are expensive .
Sadly enough the days of a hawse piper are about over in the industry even if you have the funds for the STCW to pull out of your own pocket .

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don’t be discouraged. if you want it bad enough you can get it.
qmed oiler is good enough. one module. if you want more endorsements go for it. the more marketable you are the better. don’t be intimidated by electrical. learn the theory and you’ll be fine.

you said you wanted to work in alaska. i see ads all the time for qmeds on fishing boats/processors.

age could be an issue off the record but don’t let that discourage you either. many a mariner started their seagoing career in their 50s.

There are damn few jobs in Alaska now. Everyone that worked in the Gulf oil patch is flooding every company in Alaska with resumes. With the collapse in oil prices there have been thousands of layoffs. There is a huge state budget shortfall and entire state is in a depression. The Alaska Comgressional delegation is not as powerful as it use to be so the federal funding for bridges to nowhere and other pork barrel projects has stopped. The state is also declining in population because people are moving out.

Your job prospects with a 100 ton license would be better in the charter boat fleet. No STCW or QMED required.

I suggest spending your first training money on BT, QMED Oiler and DDE courses. You probably have the seatime and some of the courses significantly reduce the required seatime.

Yeah I read about oil gas guys taking whatever they find even processor
boat work. My Dutch connection is dried up now qmed is a path tho I’m in
Hawaii so South Pacific runs are around but don’t pay much I make near as
much on island as off so stcw is a must and the cruise ship here needs
people I was hoping for more and not spending a fortune to make peanuts
it’s a start tho thanks