Upgrade from 1600GT Fishing to 1600GT

Hi Guys,

Anybody knows what are the requirements to upgrade from 1600fishing to inspected? is it only the seatime or will I have to test again? + of course Flashing Light … :slight_smile: Thanks…

Is there a 1600 fishing license? I thought there was a 3000 ton and 5000 ton uninspected license.

Do you have time on inspected vessels?

Yes, there is 1600 Fishing license (3000ITC) Most of the Alaskan Factory Trawlers require 1600 fishing.

And, no I do not have any Inspected Time…the only time I have is from Fishing Boats.


I could be wrong but I don’t think your uninspected time will count toward an inspected license. Check with the NMC for more info or perhaps someone else here will chime in.

I did check with NMC, my time counts ok.
My application was just approved last week. What’s funny is that I tough my application will be considered as a Raise in Grade, they told me it is an Endorsement !?!
I am currently waiting to receive the letter from CG telling me what is needed to get this ticket.